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Syed Law provides attorney trademark services to Rockford, IL companies. We successfully filed hundreds of trademarks for business owners at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) at a reasonable, flat fee. We count among our clients’ solo entrepreneurs as well as small business owners.* We have three values that set us apart from other trademark services:

  • quality
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Trademark filing companies provide low fees, but poor quality. On the other hand, traditional law firms provide good quality but charge high, hourly rates. In contrast, our services are in the “Goldilocks” zone with affordable flat fees, and high-quality trademark attorney services for Rockford, IL companies.

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Top 10 Trademark Questions Companies in Rockford, IL Ask

1. What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a word, phrase, logo or design that serves as a source identifier to distinguish between your goods and services from that of others.

2. Difference between a Copyright and a Trademark?

A copyright protects an expression affixed to a tangible medium like a book, play, or music. On the other hand, a trademark is a source identifier protecting goods or services from competitors. Copyrights encourage new creative production by providing creators with control over their work for a limited time. They also protect their work from those who would copy it without permission.

Generally, a trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design used in commerce to identify and distinguish products or services from one another and to indicate the source of goods or services.

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3. Will the USPTO Tell Me If Someone Infringes My Trademark?

Because the USPTO is a government agency, they do not monitor your trademark. As such, the USPTO does not provide infringement alerts for trademarks. In fact, if you are concerned about trademark infringement, you should have an attorney monitor your mark. Contact an attorney to write a cease-and-desist letter if you see anything that looks like infringement. Finally, you should enforce a registered trademark in federal court.

4. What is a Merely Descriptive Trademark?

Merely descriptive trademarks are words or phrases which describe a product’s ingredient, quality, or function. Merely descriptive marks are inherently weak. It is weak because it is much more difficult for a purchaser to distinguish between your goods and services and that of a competitor. An example may be, HERBAL TEA MARKET, or AMERICAN AIRLINES. This is in contrast to other trademark types.

5. Should I Conduct a Trademark Search?

If you are a Rockford, IL business owner starting a new business or brand, it’s important to have a trademark attorney conduct a trademark search. A trademark search is the first step in making sure that you don’t accidentally infringe on someone else’s trademark. A trademark search will help you avoid infringing on someone else’s trademark, which can lead to legal issues and expensive lawsuits. It will also help you ensure that the name you want for your business is available for use.

6. Should I File My Trademark Under My Name or an LLC/Corporation?

It depends. If you plan to own in under your name, and have no issue with your name being out in the public as well as your home address, then that is fine. If you have a business partner or already set up an LLC or corporation, then it is wisest to file the trademark under the LLC or corporation. In this case, the company is publically listed with a business address or PO Box. Ultimately, it is all about who the owner is. The more sophisticated the business, the more you should think about filing a trademark under an LLC or corporation.

7. Can You File a Trademark If It is Being Used to Sell Other Goods or Services?

It depends on the difference in goods and/or services between your mark and the other person’s mark. Generally, it is a good idea for Rockford, IL business owners to contact a trademark attorney for this type of legal analysis. For example, there is DOVE for soap and chocolate because no one would reasonable confuse the two. Another example is DELTA for airlines and faucets. While you may think your goods and/or services may not overlap with another company, it is always a good idea to contact an attorney to get their opinion on the matter.

8. What is “Proof of Use”?

Every trademark requires proof of use. Proof of use is use over which Congress can control, such selling goods across state lines. Even use within a state can qualify as proof of use if it has some impact on the total economy. To show proof of use, you either submit a “specimen” with your trademark application or file your application without one with the promise that you will provide one in the future.

A brand name is called a “word mark,” while a logo is a called a “design mark.” A brand name protects the substance of the words, letters, or typed/written characters. On the other hand, a logo protects very specific design elements. If your brand consists of words, letters, or numbers, you should file a word mark. If on the other hand your brand has a design element, such as a circle, sun, moon, even a single line, then you should consider both a word mark and design mark.

10. What Happens After You Submit a Trademark Application

In general, once an application is submitted the owner should keep an eye out for infringers and inform them regarding the filing. In addition, the owner may need to provide their attorney with specimens, or their attorney may answer Office Actions on the owner’s behalf. Sometimes trademarks are opposed by other parties at the USPTO, and an attorney may get involved to either litigate the matter or reconcile issues between two parties.

Trademark Attorney Services for Rockford, IL Businesses

Additional Information About Trademark Registration for Rockford, IL Companies

As a trademark law firm helping Rockford, IL business owner, we know the challenges you face when it comes to preventing others from using your brand. Whether you are starting your journey or already in business for several years, it is best to start thinking about protection now. No business owner wants to spend money marketing a brand only to find out that it is not protectable or that a competitor is using it.

Why a Trademark Attorney is a Smart Idea

Imagine this, Zach from Rockford, IL decides to open an online e-Commerce store, named NOVEL GIZMOS selling electronics. Zach simply does a cursory Google search and finds no conflicts out there. Then, six months later, as Zach’s sales are taking off, he gets a cease-and-desist letter from one of his competitors. The competitor is a large multi-national corporation selling fitness trackers under the name GIZMO. They want Zach to stop use. Zach is surprised and explains that he did not see their brand after a simple Google search. However, the company behind GIZMO explains that they had stopped all marketing due to supply chain issues affecting semiconductor computer chips.

While this may seem like an extreme scenario, it is all too common. Now, Zach must either abandon the name or decide whether it is worth it to litigate this matter in federal court. If he had considered hiring a Rockford, IL trademark attorney, he could have avoided this situation.

Recommendation for Rockford, IL Trademark Attorneys

A trademark attorney can help you protect your brand and stop copycats. Syed Law helps Rockford, IL business owners get their trademark registered with the USPTO at single affordable flat fee. Book a call today to start.

* While Syed Law is not located within Rockford, IL city limits, it is still able to represent Rockford, IL businesses and individuals because trademarks are governed by federal law.

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