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Trademark Pricing

trademark pricing

Trademark Filing & Registration -
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+ $350 Govt Fee

+ $350 Govt Fee

+ $350 Govt Fee

One-hour consultation, where we discuss your trademark questions, and I explain the process.

As your Attorney of Record, I professionally draft your trademark application for registration.

Attorney responds to all Minor Office Actions* raised by the USPTO, and provides responses to overturn them.

Trademark application is carefully observed until registered, and I follow up with you.

Comprehensive trademark conflict search. Second search available for free if mark is taken.

Legal analysis and opinion letter about your trademark's likelihood of success and potential challenges.

Professional attorney responses to defeat all Major Office Actions**. Separately, $1,249.

One-year, trademark monitoring with quarterly reports after registration. Separately, $599.

* “Minor Office Actions” are slight technicalities within your application that must be addressed with a non-substantive response.

** “Major Office Actions” are potentially serious defects with your mark which require a substantive, or legal, response.

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All packages below are filings at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO. 

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