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We designed Syed Law to do one thing, and one thing well—trademark law. If you are seeking trademark attorney services, please contact us here, or reach out to us at 312-618-0713 or asyed@syedlawoffices.com.

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On this page, you will find useful information in deciding whether you want to hire us as your trademark attorney such as:

Evidence shows that an experienced trademark lawyer on your side can increase the odds of successful registration. Additionally, the USPTO recommends hiring a trademark attorney.

Why Hiring a Trademark Attorney Matters

My clients ask lots of questions, and I welcome curiosity about the trademark process. In fact,  I often counsel my clients, telling them that no one is born a trademark attorney, and I welcome questions. Part of my duty is to educate each client.

A trademark attorney is a lawyer experienced in trademark law, who routinely files and enforces trademark rights. He or she counsels clients about the registration process, intellectual property (“IP”) and may even litigate trademarks. A trademark attorney can make or break a trademark application by filing:

A Trademark Attorney Improves Your Odds of Success by 50%

Every client wants to know their trademark’s odds of success or failure. According to an article published in the Stanford Law Review, the ordinary person’s stands odds of success getting a trademark stands at a measly 57%. Of course, this also means a failure rate of 43% without the assistance of an attorney.

The odds of success jump to 83% with the assistance of a licensed trademark attorney. In fact, this means that the odds of success in filing a trademark by an experienced attorney versus a layperson means a trademark is 50% more likely to register . . . (more than 20 percentage points).”

While some attorneys charge by the hour, we find that this leaves clients unsettled because the cost is uncertain. Instead, we offer flat fee trademark attorney services so you can pay only one fee, and know the cost upfront.

Syed Law has assisted over a hundred clients in almost every U.S. state secure their intellectual property, and I am confident I can help you too.

U.S. Cities Served

We offer trademark attorney services including, but not limited to the following U.S. cities.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a name, logo, slogan, or symbol that distinguishes the source of your goods or services from those of your competitors. Trademark law is governed by U.S. federal statute and case law (i.e., judge-made law). It discourages unfair competition by allowing businesses to register their name or symbol without fear of reprisal. Businesses benefit from trademark law by placing their goods and services to use in commerce, increasing the value of their intellectual property, securing the use of their name, and reducing confusion with other businesses or products. Ultimately, trademarks must be memorable, distinguishable, and unique.

Common Law Trademarks and Federal Trademark Registration

A common misconception is that trademark registration is necessary for a trademark to arise. A “common law trademark” is formed the moment a trademark name, logo, slogan, or symbol is used in commerce in connection with a good or service. The owners of these trademarks claim their common law trademark right with the ™ symbol. If your business only transacts business in-state, you may wish to file for a state-level trademark; however, state trademarks are no longer preferred because the scope of their protection is limited to a state’s territorial jurisdiction. With the modern eCommerce economy, a business wishing to compete should file for federal trademark registration with a trademark attorney. To obtain the ® symbol, a business should contact an experienced trademark attorney to apply with the USPTO.

Trademark Lawyers

In the United States, a trademark lawyer is a licensed attorney in any state that works specifically on trademark matters. Unlike other areas of law, a trademark lawyer licensed in a different state can represent you before the USPTO. This is because the USPTO is a federal agency.

Trademark matters can include the following:

How a Trademark Attorney Protects Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (“IP”) means property that is not physically held and is the product of a person’s creativity. Trademarks are a type of IP. A trademark is a valuable, intangible asset to any business. Businesses rely upon the goodwill associated with their name to ensure customers can easily identify the source of their goods and/or services. State-level incorporation or LLC formation is not enough; every business should consider trademark registration to protect their trademark in all 50 states. Registering a trademark provides the world notice that you are the owner of a mark for a given good and/or service. With proper guidance and monitoring, you can ensure that your goodwill is not tarnished, stolen, and remains protected. Syed Law’s trademark attorney flat fee pricing is competitive and we serve all 50 states. In addition, we offer monitoring trademark attorney services that make protecting and enforcing your IP simpler.

Trademark Attorneys Streamline a Long Process

In 2022, it takes 12-18 months to obtain a single trademark.  That is why we created a streamlined online order page where you can purchase a trademark package that fits your needs and budget. The online order form allows you to fill out a short questionnaire, and I will contact you within one day to discuss your trademark registration. After that, I will begin your trademark filing.

Syed Law offers the best value for trademark attorney flat fee services. We work closely with my clients to understand their business issues and needs. My goal is to offer affordable trademark services to every client. The service offerings are quick, efficient, comprehensive, and budget-friendly You can rely on Syed Law for your intellectual property matters.

Trademark Filing Company or Trademark Attorney?

While any trademark registration attorney in any one of the 50 U.S. states can help file your trademark, you should take caution. There are non-attorney services out there known as “trademark filing companies” with words like “legal” or “trademark” in their title. These services induce unwitting individuals into accepting poorer quality service.

Some of my clients have used these services only to come away with a trademark rejection letter (called an “Office Action”). Even if you decide not to use Syed Law as your trademark attorney, I would strongly encourage you to hire another U.S.-licensed trademark attorney. Below, I explain why it is sensible to go with a qualified trademark attorney over a trademark filing company.

Ultimately, trademark filing services cost customers more in the long run. While their services may appear inexpensive, the cost in time and money wasted far outweighs the benefits in retaining their services.

A typical mass-filing service model may look like this. A filing company may offer you a set of packages, the more expensive packages will offer attorney involvement for an additional fee. Once you begin the response form, the filing company will ask you for a few questions and directly input your answers into a trademark application.

Consider the following:

Trademark Attorney – Quality Without Extra Cost

Syed Law provides clients an alternative to mass-filing trademark filing companies that do not give their clients the attention they deserve and trademark attorneys that overbill. To that end, I created a simple flat-fee model so my clients know exactly what they can expect to pay. Clients should expect the highest quality service at a reasonable price.

Each client that comes to me is unique and I do not apply a one-size-fits-all approach. With eCommerce-friendly flat fee trademark attorney fees, I can deliver excellent client representation while providing exceptional attorney quality.

The Filing Company: Are Non-Attorneys Preparing Your Trademark Application?

Trademark registration does involve the practice of law. While a trademark application may appear simple, preparing the application itself involves the practice of law, and the process is not simple. Trademark filing companies will delegate your application to a paralegal or a typist (i.e., a non-lawyer) to complete out. According to the USPTO, this is an ethically questionable practice since completing a trademark form is the practice of law. The reality of trademark practice could not be further from this business model. A trademark application involves much more work than merely reviewing and pasting a client’s answers.

A trademark application may appear deceptively simple, but it contains several legal tests and terms of art (e.g., “use in commerce,” “intent to use,” the “DuPont factors,” “collective marks” etc.) and a determination regarding procedural matters that are covered in the Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP). Consider whether it is appropriate to take medical advice from anyone except a licensed physician, or tax advice from anyone who is not a licensed CPA—should the law be any different?

Trademark Attorney: A Client-Centered Approach

Unlike a filing company, a trademark registration attorney must practice trademark law and personally review the trademark application. An attorney’s ethical obligation is twofold: (1) to protect his or her client; and (2) a duty of the tribunal (i.e., the USPTO).

Practicing trademark law does not involve copying and pasting written responses. Instead, it involves:

Conclusion and Recommendation

In summary, choosing the right trademark attorney requires consideration of your budget, time, and risk tolerance. Hiring a trademark filing company instead of a trademark attorney is risky and often not a transparent process. You should consider whether you are comfortable hiring an attorney that charges by the hour or provide a flat fee rate and whether or not they practice trademark law exclusively. In addition, consider the years of experience, the clients represented, and positive social reviews, such as Google My Business or the Better Business Bureau. My practice offers the affordability of most trademark filing companies, without the extra cost of most trademark attorneys.

In conclusion, if you are searching for a trademark attorney, I encourage you to reach out to Syed Law to set up a complimentary consultation.

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