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How Long Does a Trademark Last in the U.S.?

How long a trademark lasts in the U.S. does depend on declaration and renewal filings. Trademarks are capable of perpetual existence, but must be renewed every ten years. In addition, a declaration between the 5th and 6th anniversary is required, and a declaration plus renewal is necessary during the 9th and 10th anniversary. While there is a 6 month grace period, please keep these dates in mind. This is repeated every decade so long as the trademark is in use.

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Do You Need an LLC to Trademark?

You do not need to own an LLC to file a trademark. However, filing for an LLC first can give you two distinct advantages: (1) privacy; and (2) no need to reassign at a cost.

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How Much Does It Cost to Trademark a Business Name in 2021?

In short, the cost to trademark a name comes down to whether a custom description is necessary. On one hand, if no custom description is necessary, the cost is $250 per class under TEAS Plus. However, a custom description is necessary, the cost will be $350 per class under TEAS Standard. You can find out if you need a custom description by using the Trademark ID Manual. If no custom description is necessary, use the TEAS Plus. Otherwise, use TEAS Standard.

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