Amazon Brand Registry requires a trademark, and a trademark attorney familiar with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) can help you obtain a trademark quickly and affordably. In fact, getting a trademark for Amazon stops others from using your brand because it formally becomes your intellectual property (“IP”). In 2022, our law firm has helped hundreds of clients get their trademark for Brand Registry.

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Amazon Brand Registry requires a trademark filing. Our law firm can get a trademark quickly and more affordably than IP Accelerator.

Below, I provide some key highlights:

In fact, you no longer need overpriced IP Accelerator services to get Brand Registry access. Our firm can help you get on Amazon Brand Registry with a pending trademark for less cost than IP Accelerator.

Below, I briefly outline our Amazon Trademark Attorney services such as:

Trademarks For Amazon Brand Registry

Today, Amazon accounts for 40% of all retail sales. Putting that into perspective, sales on Amazon account for $5 of every $100 spent by a U.S. individual. Accordingly, it makes sense to hire not just any attorney, but an Amazon trademark attorney familiar with trademarks for Amazon Brand Registry.

In 2018, Amazon launched the “Amazon Brand Registry” program to help combat trademark hijacking and help legitimate brand owners. Generally, Brand Registry allows sellers to certify that they are the trademark owners, and delist copycats stealing their trademark IP.

As an Amazon trademark attorney, we have helped hundreds of Amazon sellers get their trademark for Brand Registry. In fact, we filed hundreds of applications, specifically for Amazon sellers at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”). Those years of experience put our law firm in pole position to help Amazon sellers.

The Importance of Trademarks for Amazon Sellers

In plain terms, a trademark is any name, logo, or slogan that distinguishes the source of goods and/or services from that of others. Brand recognition is the basis of any good business. Trademarks filed at USPTO protect your brand from IP copycats on Amazon from profiting from your goodwill.

Every seller on Amazon knows or should know, that there are copycats that will attempt to infringe upon their IP almost as soon as they list their product.

This can take the form of:

This spells bad news for the e-commerce entrepreneur. Sellers on Amazon routinely use the Fulfillment by Amazon (“FBA”) program or Brand Registry to exercise greater protection over their brand name or logo. In addition, my law firm offers Amazon trademark attorney services that help sellers get rid of trademark pirates. Once on Brand Registry, it becomes easy to verify the existence of a trademark, and delist unauthorized trademarks under Amazon’s IP policy. This is why trademarks are important for Amazon sellers. Next, I explain how you can get on Amazon Brand Registry under our flat fee Amazon trademark attorney services.

Requirements to Get on Amazon Brand Registry

The trademark requirements to get on Amazon are (1) a pending or registered trademark; (2) providing a text-based trademark only; (3) proof or evidence of use; and a (4) a serial number.
The trademark requirements to get on Amazon are (1) a pending or registered trademark; (2) providing a text-based trademark only; (3) proof or evidence of use; and a (4) a serial number.

The requirements to get on Amazon Brand Registry are simple. First, there must be a registered or pending trademark. Second, the trademark must include words, letters, or numbers. Third, the trademark must show proof of use. Fourth, you need a trademark serial number. Below, I discuss each in order requirement in order.

A. Requirement #1: Pending or Registered Trademark for Amazon

First, the seller must file a trademark in a specific country or have one currently registered. In fact, today you can get on Amazon Brand Registry with a pending trademark application. Here, an Amazon trademark attorney can help speed up the process. In addition, you must file in one of the countries listed here. Most of my clients need pending trademarks in the United States at the USPTO. As an Amazon trademark attorney, my firm filed hundreds of trademark applications at the USPTO for Brand Registry.

B. Requirement #2: Amazon Requires Trademarks with Text

Second, Amazon’s second requirement is that the trademark must include text. This means that logos are fine so long as they include text-based letters, numbers, and/or symbols. For example, the word “NIKE” is text-based. However, the Nike SWOOSH logo by itself (i.e., the one that looks like a check mark), would not pass the requirement. An Amazon trademark attorney can help you figure out your odds of success with a comprehensive trademark search before applying for a trademark so you do not get rejected by the USPTO.

C. Requirement #3: Proof of Use In Commerce or Evidence

Third, the Amazon Brand Registry applicant must show that the trademark is used in commerce by providing proof/evidence. Proof of use means providing the USPTO with a “specimen.” In a Section 1(a) Use in Commerce application, this is provided with the application. However, a Section 1(b) Intent to Use application provides this specimen proof later.

The proof is often shown by:

In fact, some specific specimen types are preferred for goods, while others are preferred for services. For example, the USPTO frowns upon advertising specimens for goods, but not for services. Ad such, this is where an Amazon trademark attorney can provide real value. By submitting the correct evidence, an attorney with Amazon Brand Registry experience can submit specimens that the USPTO is more likely to accept. This of course helps with Amazon Brand Registry.

D. Requirement #4: Serial Number

Fourth, you must submit to Amazon Brand Registry your trademark’s serial number. The serial number issues the moment you submit your trademark application. Keep the trademark serial number handy to regularly check your trademark status once a month before registration. If you forgot your serial number or cannot find it, you can simply search for your trademark.

However, since you have the option to use IP Accelerator or an Amazon trademark attorney, which one should you choose? In the next section, we explore why IP Accelerator is not necessary, and how an Amazon trademark attorney can help you.

Why Overpriced Amazon IP Accelerator is No Longer Needed

Initially, the Amazon Brand Registry only allowed registered trademarks. However, at the time the trademark registration process took around 9 months (today, it takes 12 to 18 months). Consequently, older trademark applications benefited, while younger trademark applicants were held up for months. As a result, Amazon partnered with 10 select trademark firms to offer IP Accelerator. At the time, filing a pending trademark with these IP Accelerator firms was enough to get fast-tracked for Amazon Brand Registry.

However, demand for trademark services far exceeded the capacity of these 10 trademark firms.

Recently, Amazon dropped the requirement for sellers to use IP Accelerator law firms for Brand Registry. Since IP Accelerator charged a pretty penny that significantly reduced the price to obtain a trademark. Now, Amazon allows pending trademarks on Brand Registry.

A. IP Accelerator is Slow

Generally, IP Accelerator is slow in turnaround time. The 10 law firms under the IP Accelerator program are overwhelmed by the number of requests. Here, the good news for e-Commerce entrepreneurs is that you no longer need to go through these IP Accelerator firms that act as gatekeepers for Amazon Brand Registry. In fact, you can get on Brand Registry by speaking with any U.S.-licensed Amazon trademark attorney. This significantly reduces time because these 10 IP Accelerator law firms are tied up with more work than they can reasonably handle. My firm’s turn around time is between 5-7 days.

And, just as importantly, you can save on cost, which we discuss next.

B. IP Accelerator is Overpriced

According to the reputable law blog Above the Law, IP Accelerator charges up to “$500 for a trademark search, $600 for a trademark application, and $1,800 for a comprehensive brand review.” In sharp comparison, this is far more expensive than our trademark services of $699 for a trademark search plus filing. Here, it is also unclear what “comprehensive brand review” means, but from the context, it likely means additional services for which our Amazon trademark attorney services cost only $999 at most – an astonishing $800 difference. In essence, our firm charges between $400 less to $800 less than IP Accelerator.

Consequently, there is a whopping 44% to 57% difference in cost between our firm and IP Accelerator law firms.

A Trademark Attorney Can Get You on Brand Registry Faster and With More Accuracy

A trademark attorney familiar with Amazon Brand Registry can help you obtain a trademark and keep it alive.

Imagine this, if you are seeking medical services, you may speak with a family physician who refers you to a specialist. Amazon trademark attorney services are no different. While there are many attorneys out there, few attorneys routinely practice trademark law. When it comes to legal services, it is not enough to contact a generalist—it pays to hire an attorney in your corner that understands and practices trademark law.

Generally, a fast turnaround is important for our clients. Trademark attorneys can help you get your trademark for Brand Registry faster because we understand the process. Having helped countless other applications file for their application, we know the fastest way to get on Amazon Brand Registry.

In addition, recent studies show that there is a significant difference in the likelihood of success between filing yourself and hiring an experienced attorney. Trademark applicants represented by attorneys are 50% more likely to receive trademark registration with the coveted R “®” symbol (see “Conclusion” paragraph in the linked article). If a trademark application fails, so too does the future ability to enforce your IP.

Our Affordable Fees

Without exception, each of our trademark services comes with a government filing fees for 1 Class of goods and/or services. Today, we offer 3 packages for Amazon entrepreneurs on all budgets.

However, if you would like to file in more than 1 Class, the government fee will be increased by $250, but we do not increase our attorney fees (up to a total of 3 Classes). Typically, if you wish to file a logo and trademark, multiply your total fees by 2.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In conclusion, if you need Amazon Brand Registry in a fast, affordable, and low-risk way, then our trademark services are a great option. Today, trademark lawyers familiar with Amazon Brand Registry know the quickest way to get your products on Brand Registry. In addition, trademark attorneys, like Syed Law, charge a lower flat fee rate than IP Accelerator. In fact, we charge between $400 to $800 less than IP Accelerator for the same services. Finally, the data is clear—hiring a professional trademark attorney helps improve your odds of success significantly, making it 50% more likely your application will register.

In sum, if you have any questions about our Amazon trademark attorney services, I encourage you to contact us here, call 312-618-0713, or email me at

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