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Trademark Services

If you are seeking to protect your business name, brand, logo, or slogan, you need to register a trademark. Syed Law is an experienced U.S. trademark law firm practicing trademark law exclusively. We’ve filed hundreds of trademarks before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”). What sets our service apart is the attorney quality you won’t find with trademark filing mills, and the low-flat fee pricing you won’t find at traditional law firms. Our trademark filing and response services are flat fee, not by the hour. Having an attorney on your side improves your odds of success considerably. USPTO recommends that all individuals and companies hire a U.S.-licensed trademark attorney. In fact, one study concluded that a trademark attorney managing trademark filing improved odds of registration over 50%.

We serve all 50 states with our firm commitment to assurance, quality, and value; and, offer the following comprehensive trademark services:

Trademark Services: Register a Trademark

* Plus non-refundable $350 government filing fee.

Trademark Office Action Response

If you receive a trademark “Office Action” from “ecom” followed by three numbers, you must respond within six months of the issue date. Failure to reply can lead to trademark abandonment. Syed Law offers the following professional attorney services at a reasonable cost.

Trademark Services: Trademark Renewal

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