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Syed Law is a national trademark law firm* founded by Ahad Syed, a U.S. trademark attorney and trademark filing service. It is one of the few U.S.-based trademark law firms focused exclusively on trademark registration. If you are seeking a trademark for Amazon, please check out the Amazon Trademark page.

File a trademark online with three easy steps.

Easy, 3-Step Process

Select your trademark package, and fill out the short questionnaire.

A complimentary consultation to discuss your trademark concerns.

Your attorney files your trademark and monitors its progress.

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Professional trademark services?

Affordable, flat fee trademark service?

Fast, responsive communication?

Why Choose Syed Law For Your Trademark?

Syed Law was founded by Ahad Syed, a trademark registration attorney. Most trademark law firms are not transparent about pricing. On the other hand, trademark filing companies over-promise and under-deliver, causing their customers additional out-of-pocket fees. Neither is ideal for trademark applicants.

This is where Syed Law fits in.

We fill the market gap between the attorneys that overcharge, and the trademark filing companies that under-deliver.

Top 10 Reasons to Select Our Firm

Pay One Low Fee

You know your costs upfront and what benefits you can expect. All potential costs and fees are disclosed to you. We will never “upsell” products because we are professionals and hold ourselves to higher standards.

Responsive Client Experience

Beginning with the very first telephone consultation you will receive a responsive client experience. I answer all emails and phone calls within 2 to 4 hours. 

Complimentary Trademark Consultation

It is my duty to inform you about trademark law and to educate you about the appropriate option specific to your needs. Part of my duty involves explaining the details of trademark law in an approachable manner. To that end, our first consultation is free.

Comprehensive Search and Odds of Success

As part of either the Standard or Premium trademark packages a comprehensive search is performed. Our firm uses the same search techniques with the USPTO TESS database used by USPTO Examining Attorneys. By mirroring the search conducted by Examining Attorneys, this allows us to provide our clients with assurance.

Application Completed by a U.S. Trademark Attorney

Whether you select my law firm or another law firm, hiring a licensed attorney is critical. In fact, the USPTO strongly recommends hiring a private U.S. trademark attorney. When you hire a U.S.-licensed trademark attorney, you are hiring someone with the legal experience about trademark law practice. The USPTO subjects trademark applications to a rigorous test, and your trademark attorney must guide you as the client through the process.

A National Reputation for Excellence

If you hire my law firm, our legal knowledge about how the trademark application process. We filed hundreds of trademark applications for applicants hailing from over 35 U.S. States and several countries at the USPTO. However, I always make sure to make time to listen carefully to my clients.

Not a Copy-and-Paste Trademark Filing Company

Trademark applications are riddled with legal issues that can result in significant errors if left to less capable operators. Today, there are numerous filing companies offering cheap trademark services. What they lack in legal knowledge they make up with software that copies and the pastes your answers into a form. Of course, their business model requires mass filing.

Unfortunately, this process involves making the client pay more (through up-selling products), errors, and time delays. Worse still, it may not be possible to speak to the attorneys on staff at these filing companies. 

Syed Law approaches each application as unique because each client is unique. We handle all matters personally, and you can talk directly with me by scheduling a free consultation. I handle the entire process personally from our first consultation to trademark filing and registration. This means that I personally evaluate your trademark and brand protection concerns when drafting the application.

Correspondence with the USPTO Examining Attorney

Because each trademark package includes Minor Office Actions (i.e., correspondence plus Statement of Use if necessary), I will speak to your Examining Attorney on your behalf. Often, Examining Attorneys contact me directly before issuing an Office Action. Applicants find that this often provides an edge on a contentious matter if an Examining Attorney raises objections with an application. This is particularly useful if there is a specimen, misclassification, mere descriptiveness or Likelihood of Confusion refusal. 

Trademark Monitoring & Other Trademark Services

We watch over your trademark application as soon as it is submitted to the USPTO. You may hire us to monitor your trademark and send cease-and-desist letters to infringers. Monitoring is necessary to ensure your trademark is protected. With our services, we can act as a unique one-stop shop for all your trademark IP legal needs.

Trademark Attorney Handles Everything For You

Syed Law’s business model revolves around taking the uncertainty with filing a  trademark out of the hands of our clients. We offer the full range of trademark services under one umbrella. That allows us to focus on our clients needs and handle all of their trademark issues from filing a trademark to monitoring.

File a Trademark Pricing




+ $350 Govt Fee

+ $350 Govt Fee

+ $350 Govt Fee

One-hour consultation, where we discuss your trademark questions, and I explain the process.

As your Attorney of Record, I professionally draft your trademark application for registration.

Attorney responds to all Minor Office Actions* raised by the USPTO, and provides responses to overturn them.

Trademark application is carefully observed until registered, and I follow up with you.

Comprehensive trademark conflict search. Second search available for free if mark is taken.

Legal analysis and opinion letter about your trademark's likelihood of success and potential challenges.

Professional attorney responses to defeat all Major Office Actions**. Separately, $799.

One-year, trademark monitoring with quarterly reports after registration. Separately, $199.

* “Minor Office Actions” are slight technicalities within your application that must be addressed with a non-substantive response.

** “Major Office Actions” are potentially serious defects with your mark which require a substantive, or legal, response.

Serving All 50 States

Attorney Qualifications:


United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”). Authorized to file trademarks only on behalf of any individual, in any state at the USPTO.

Trademark Registration Attorney.

United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois

Trademark Registration Attorney.

State of Illinois


State of California

aba member

American Bar Association

Satisfied clients and business-owners in more than 35 U.S. States.

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International trademark clients, spanning 5 continents, and 12 countries.

Trademark Client Success Stories

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Trademark Registration Attorney Services

Search Conflicts

Comprehensive search for your mark including advanced boolean logic for the USPTO database and common law search. Legal opinion letter regarding your mark's odds of success.

File TM Application

US trademark attorney reviews your file, professionally drafts your application, and files your trademark with the USPTO. Guidance throughout the process.

Active Monitoring

After registration, your US trademark attorney monitors the Internet and the USPTO database for competing names and logos. You are informed of any competitors.

Office Action Response

Should any issues arise with the USPTO, trademark registration attorney will present a vigorous defense to challenge and overcome the refusal.

Trademark Renewal

Between your 5th and 6th anniversary, or your 9th and 10th anniversary, your trademark registration attorney will file maintenance and/or renewal with the USPTO.


Yes. I’m the Managing Attorney at Syed Law P.C. near Chicago, Illinois, USA. I have the notable distinction of being licensed in not one, but two states—California and Illinois. 

I can file your trademark within 5-7 days. However, this will depend upon the number of names or logos you want to trademark. For example, it may take longer to conduct a search for a several logos versus one or two brand names. If you need expedited service, I can file it in three days for an additional $199.

Yes. If I do not pick up the phone right away, it usually means I am on the other line. My office gets several calls in one day. However, my policy is to return any missed calls as soon as possible, and I have a strong track record of getting back to prospective clients within 24 hours.  The absolute best  way to get my attention is via email at asyed@syedlawoffices.com.

The USPTO Examining Attorney will review your application after three months.

Due to COVID-19, it takes on average nine to ten months to register a trademark due to the backlog at the USPTO.

Unlike a trademark filing company, you can communicate with me directly, a licensed attorney, about your trademark questions. With trademark filing companies you probably will not be able to reached the attorney on your file—and several of these companies have no attorneys on staff. While it is true that you might save a little money by going with a trademark filing company, it is also true that the risk of trademark Office Action rejection is higher. There is no guarantee an attorney at a trademark filing company will actually review your entire application.

I offer unparalleled custom trademark services, legal trademark experience, and reasonable fees that you cannot find elsewhere. Syed Law fills the market niche between the cheap trademark filing companies that over promise and underdeliver, and the fancy office lawyers who overbill their clients. Second, only I will handle your trademark application. I do not delegate your file to anyone—in other words, no associate attorney and no paralegal works on your file. Third, I review your file in my capacity as an attorney, not a scrivener who simply types in words. If you hire me, you will get legal experience from someone knows the pitfalls, and understands what USPTO Examining Attorneys are looking for on your application. Finally, my fees are affordable and reasonable compared to most trademark attorneys.

I started my law firm because I envisioned a business model that does not revolve around the billable hour. Earlier in the career as an associate attorney, I witnessed first-hand how senior attorneys handed a list of bills to their clients without batting an eye. Syed Law is different; I am upfront about costs so you know exactly how much you will pay down to the penny. There is a simple reason why my fees are lower—I am time-efficient and use less overhead, so you are not stuck paying for an attorney’s fancy office rent.

You can check TEAS for all my filings to determine my experience, simply type “Ahad[AT] and Syed[AT]” in the Free Form Search Field. Second, trust is the hallmark of any professional relationship, including an attorney-client relationship. As an attorney-client relationship is guarded by a “privilege” which limits what I can say to other people about you. I assert the attorney-client privilege to guard our communications as confidential—similar to how your doctor’s visits are strictly confidential.

Yes. Most of my clients are eCommerce retailers who sell online and use services like Amazon Brand Registry or Shopify.

Yes. As soon as I file your trademark application, you will immediately receive a Serial Number that you may submit to Amazon Brand Registry.

Between the 5th and 6th registration anniversary. If you fail to file your renewal, it will be cancelled. After you file your first renewal, you will need to file a second renewal between the 9th and 10th registration anniversary. Once that is complete, you will only need to renew once a decade (between the 19th and 20th anniversary, between the 29th and 30th anniversary).

Yes. If you are non-resident or live outside the United States, the USPTO requires that you hire a US attorney to file your trademark application.

Yes. In fact, nearly 30% of my clients live outside the United States. I am thrilled to serve clients outside the United States, and file their trademark with the USPTO as their US attorney of record. As mentioned in this FAQ, individuals or companies not located in the United States must hire a U.S.-licensed attorney.

If you start using a brand name or logo in commerce, you can use the TM symbol next to your brand name or logo at any time. The “TM” means it is a “common law trademark,” which arises out of any use, but it gives you little real value. You can only use the “R” with a circle (®) around your mark only after you have successfully registered your trademark. Registering a trademark with the USTPO gives your mark priority over other trademark filings. Registration also provides you with the ability to seriously threaten and bring suit for enhanced damages under trademark infringement law.

Yes. In fact, you should use the name or logo you want to trademark before you file so that you have fulfilled the “use in commerce” requirement and save $100 filing fee per class of goods or services within six months of your Notice of Allowance. However, I strongly encourage you to have me search the name you want is not being used by someone else.

You certainly can. I will have to file something called an “Intent to Use” application for a separate $100 filing fee. This application states that you have a bona fide intent to use the trademark within six months. There is an advantage for filing an intent to use application if you are concerned about a competitor taking your name or logo.

Yes. You may file in a different class if your name is taken. For example, let’s say you want to trademark “Blue Wand” for a computer program, but you find out someone has registered a trademark for “Blue Wand” for apparel and tee shirts. In that case, you can still file an application for “Blue Wand” because you are in an entirely different class.

Generic names like “The Donut Shop” or descriptive names like “The Auto Store” are not registrable. The general rule is that trademark registration protection is given to creative, unique, and interesting names that do not directly describe the product’s quality, function, or purpose. For example, think about Rolex (fanciful), Apple (arbitrary), and Jaguar (suggestive); these names pass the trademark distinctiveness test.

Either one is fine. As a practical matter, it is better to file as a business because you save money because you will not need to transfer the trademark. It is also better from a privacy standpoint; if you file personally, your personal information, particularly your address will be made public. If you need help incorporating your corporation or LLC in the United States, I can assist.

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