Syed Law offers competitive prices for one-time or annual trademark monitoring services. If your mark successfully registers with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”), you should be excited. Congratulations, but know that this is the first step to protecting your brand.

However, please do not make the common mistake of thinking “registered” means “protected.” Registration means your trademark is recognized across the entire country, and has some degree of protection on either the Principal or Supplemental Register.

In fact, that does not necessarily mean that absolute protection exists. Trademark protection requires an active approach. This active approach can mean one of two things:

Fortunately, we offer low prices for one-time or annual trademark monitoring services for eCommerce businesses.

trademark monitoring services

MYTH: “Registered” Means “Protected”

In short, some degree of protection exists; but, the protection is not absolute.

The USPTO will probably flag the exact mark as yours for the same exact goods and/or services. However, this will not always be the case, and similar sounding or appearing marks can and are often registered for the same Goods and/or Services because:

Trademark Monitoring Services at Entrepreneur-Friendly Flat Rates

Our trademark monitoring services are affordable and competitive at just $99 for a one-time check, or $199 for an annual subscription with quarterly monitoring reports.

With the annual subscription, I check the USPTO database, a common law search (I search the Internet for similar marks), and you get reports four times a year.

Why Trademark Monitoring Services Matters

When you first started, chances are good you approached me seeking to protect either your name, brand, business, logo, or slogan or had me file an Office Action on your behalf. Interestingly, protection for trademarks does not stop after they register.

Below, I provide some examples:

All of these actions can only be done if there is an on-going trademark monitoring service.

In some industries, particularly or retail, there is no shortage of copycats. If you are successful, someone will attempt to copy your style.

Accordingly, your mark is only protected if you or I carefully monitor it. You can try this yourself, or, you can have a trademark attorney handle it for you.

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