Flat Fee Trademark Filing

Flat Fee Trademark Filing

Choose a flat fee trademark filing and registration services to protect your brand, business, logo, or slogan. Syed Law offers the best assurance, quality, and value for your trademark. Our trademark registration service for filing at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is 100% online and streamlined with the eCommerce entrepreneur in mind. With a flat fee trademark pricing, you pay only one, small business-friendly fee, and I handle the entire process for you. I created an easy 3-step process to file your trademark with the USPTO.

Our flat fee trademark filing involves a fast, easy 3-step process proven to protect your trademark.

Easy 3-Step Trademark Filing

In order to create a streamlined and efficient process, my law firm offers a 100% online flat fee trademark registration process that takes the guesswork out of trademark registration. Just fill out a short questionnaire about the trademark you would like. Here are three easy steps to fast trademark registration.

Step #1

Fill out the short, easy online trademark application form. I personally review your form and reach out to you for a complimentary consultation.

Step #2

A complimentary trademark registration consultation with me to discuss your trademark application.

Step #3

I conduct your trademark search, present you with the results, and file for trademark registration as your Attorney of Record.

My firm’s turnaround time is fast, and I routinely file trademarks within 24 hours of consultation if time permits. My firm offers three key values: Assurance, Quality, and Value.

How Our Flat Fee Trademark Filing Services are Superior

Syed Law’s flat fee trademark registration services are better than filing companies that offer poor value for time and better still than traditional law firms that bill several thousand dollars for simple filings. For the modern eCommerce business owner on a budget, neither option is ideal. Instead, the cornerstone of my business revolves around three key values to you quickly: assurance, quality, and value.


You know the cost upfront, and pay only a single fee for service. You have an attorney you can speak to, and your attorney will stay on as Attorney of Record for the life of the trademark application.


Instead of hiring a mass-filing service, you are hiring a professional trademark attorney. The USPTO recommends that applicants hire a trademark attorney because hiring a trademark attorney results in a higher probability of success.


You get the assurance provided by a traditional billable-by-the-hour law firm, but with quicker filing and personalized attention. This saves time and money, ultimately saving your bottom line and adding value.

Comprehensive Trademark Filing Pricing

Syed Law’s flat fee trademark pricing is lower than most law firms, and, in particular, trademark filing companies, which will charge you more for (1) dubious attorney services; (2) adding more than one Class–I can multiple classes for no additional attorney fee); and (3) upselling pointless products such as private registers. My pricing factors in the time I spend conducting a search, speaking to you during our complementary telephone consultation, and carefully preparing the trademark application. On the other hand are traditional law firms that do not disclose all services. These law firms will often charge their clients more in the future for additional services related to the same trademark filing.

Flat Fee Trademark Pricing

Our flat fee trademark pricing is competitive, comprehensive, and includes two components, attorney time and government filing fees. You pay only one fixed fee for the services you select, and I handle the rest at no extra charge.


Hiring a Flat Fee Trademark Filing Attorney

Before I started Syed Law as a flat fee trademark registration firm, there were generally three options:

  1. attempting to file a trademark alone,
  2. using an inexpensive filing company like LegalZoom, or
  3. hiring a law firm that billed clients several hundred dollars per hour.

Flat Fee Trademark Filing Lawyer vs. Mass Filing Companies

However, filing a trademark alone can lead to disaster; and, hiring trademark filing companies can lead to errors and refusals from the USPTO. Unfortunately, both options lead to precious waste in time and money lost for unsuspecting business owners. After all, when you speak with a trademark filing service, there is no guarantee that you can speak with an actual attorney. And the USPTO encourages applicants to hire a private trademark attorney.

Flat Fee Trademark Filing Attorney vs. Traditional Hourly Billing Law Firms

Traditional law firms offer inflexible hourly rates, which leaves entrepreneurs uneasy about sticker shock when the bill comes due. All these options missed the mark on the three things that the online entrepreneur craved—assurance, quality, and value. Our flat fee trademark registration service is backed by years of legal experience, I am committed to the highest quality legal services, and my fees are affordable.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a word, symbol, design, or phrase that identifies the source of goods and/or services as distinct from others. A trademark allows consumers to distinguish your goods and/or services from those offered by others in the ordinary course of business. A trademark’s purpose is to (1) reduce unfair economic behavior (i.e., copycats); (2) allow consumers to find your products or services with confidence; and (3) provide a means of receiving damages for infringement.

Trademarks vs. Copyrights

On the other hand, a copyright protects the expression of “original works of authorship” the very moment the creator places the work into a tangible medium from which it can be perceived. Some examples of copyrights are: computer code, film, literature, masks, music, and paintings. Copyrights grant the copyright holder the exclusive right to distribute, exhibit, license, perform, and reproduce copies of the original work of authorship.

In other words, trademarks identify and protect the source of goods and/or services, while copyright protects the expression associated with an original work of authorship.

Trademarks vs Patents

In sharp contrast, patents protect novel, non-obvious, and unique inventions. A patent allows the patent-holder the right to exclude others from selling, licensing, importing, or making an invention for a specific period of time.

On the other hand, trademarks are not only limited to the identity and source of a given product and/or service, but they do not protect the actual invention itself.

Flat Fee Trademark Filing Process

In short, the trademark registration process begins with the completion of a short, easy questionnaire. Following the questionnaire, I will follow up with you with a complimentary telephone consultation. Next, after speaking with you about your trademark concerns Syed Law will begin laying the groundwork for your flat fee trademark registration. We begin the process by conducting a search for potential conflicts that could present an obstacle to your trademark. The search is critical in determining whether something called a “Likelihood of Confusion” refusal may issue for your trademark. Once completed, I will forward the results to you and prepare your flat fee trademark registration. The application preparation involves carefully drafting your application, reviewing your application with you, and filing your application for registration.

How Long Does Trademark Registration Take?

Prior to filing, the flat fee trademark registration process takes about one to three days. I strive to get things moving for you as fast as possible. After filing, the trademark process at the USPTO begins. You will immediately receive a Serial Number after filing. This number can be used for Amazon Brand Registry.

After filing, your flat fee trademark application for registration will reach an Examining Attorney in approximately four to six months. Due to COVID-19, your trademark should register in approximately ten to fourteen months. However, some applications may register sooner. As such, that is why it is a good idea to file as quickly as possible to stay ahead in line.

Not Sure Where to Start? Talk to a U.S.-licensed Trademark Attorney. Same Day Response.

If you would like to ask me a questions before filing out the application, feel free to reach out to me HERE. You can also call and email me at 312-618-0713 or asyed@syedlawoffices.com and I will get back to you the same day.

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