IP Accelerator Alternative

Syed Law is an IP Accelerator alternative for Amazon Brand Registry with low flat fee costs and fast-turnaround. Today, you do not need IP Accelerator to get Amazon Brand Registry. In fact, any experienced trademark law firm can help you get your Serial Number. All it takes after that is applying to Brand Registry in only a few minutes. Syed Law has helped hundreds of Amazon Sellers and brand owners increase sales and take control of their brand. We’ve even dedicated a page to this topic.

IP Accelerator Alternative

Alternative to IP Accelerator to Get Brand Registry

How do we do it? Simple:

  • Today, any trademark law firm, NOT just IP Accelerator can help you get on Amazon Brand Registry
  • To get Brand Registry you will need a pending OR registered trademark application. There is a lot of misunderstanding about this. A pending application is enough for Brand Registry in the US, and that’s all there is to it. People who answer this question online may not be US sellers, uninformed, or using outdated information. As an IP Accelerator alternative, I have helped hundreds of brand owners obtain a trademark for Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Immediately after your attorney files for a trademark, and while your trademark is pending you get the Serial Number
  • After submitting your Brand Registry application, I will receive your Verification Code which I will pass along to you


Can I Get My Brand on Amazon Brand Registry with a Pending Trademark?

The answer is “yes,” — you do not need to register a trademark to get Amazon Brand Registry. In fact, all you need is a pending trademark.

trademark pricing

I get this very question every week, and my answer has NOT changed.

In order to enroll in Brand Registry, Amazon requires brand owners to have EITHER a:

  • Pending trademark, or
  • Registered trademark


Brand owners with a pending trademark application can participate in Brand Registry immediately by giving a trademark Serial Number to Amazon.

You get the Serial Number immediately after filing your trademark with the USPTO.

After submitting to Amazon Brand Registry your Serial Number for your pending trademark application, Amazon will send a Verification Code to your attorney who will pass it on to you.

That’s it. It is that simple.

How do I know this? I have done this routinely for hundreds of clients.

For Amazon Brand Registry purposes, the only difference is that you CANNOT use Amazon to enforce your pending trademark against infringers. This is not the law, this is just how Amazon, as a private business, operates. That is why getting all the way to registration is vital if you want to stop infringers. However, registration is NOT required to get on Amazon Brand Registry.

What Are the Cons of Using IP Accelerator?


While we do have a bias as an IP Accelerator alternative, there are also some potential cons to consider:

  • Limited Availability: IP Accelerator is only available to brand owners in select countries. This includes the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the European Union. If you’re not located in one of these countries, you won’t be able to use the program. On top of that, there is a lot of much demand for them. This is due to the mistaken belief that IP Accelerator is necessary for Amazon Brand Registry (it is not).
  • Cost: While IP Accelerator is generally less expensive than hiring a traditional bill-by-the-hour law firm, it is pricey. You’ll pay for the higher fees of Accelerator firms, as well as any filing fees associated with registering your trademarks. Our starting fees are lower than IP Accelerator – check them out here on our pricing guide.
  • Limited Service Offerings: IP Accelerator is focused primarily on trademark registration services. If you need assistance with other types of intellectual property, or other types of trademark services that may be extra.


Overall, while IP Accelerator can be a useful tool for some brand owners, it’s not the right fit for everyone. Consider the potential drawbacks and whether they are outweighed by the benefits before deciding.

IP Accelerator Is Obsolete

There are several reasons why we are a good IP Accelerator alternative to get Amazon Brand Registry.

  • IP Accelerator is now obsolete. At one point it was the only way to get on Amazon Brand Registry fast. However, Amazon changed that policy in 2019.
  • We can get you on Amazon Brand Registry just as fast (around 5-7 business days).
  • Our trademark starting costs are less than IP Accelerator law firms, for the same or more services.
  • As an IP Accelerator alternative, we have an outstanding track record.
  • One of our unique advantages is 100% transparent pricing. Most law firms do not advertise their fees. In the interest of a positive client experience, we do.

Can Any Attorney Outside IP Accelerator Help Me with Getting a Trademark for Amazon Brand Registry?

Yes, any US-licensed attorney who is licensed to practice trademark law in the US can help you obtain a trademark for use in Amazon Brand Registry. And, as an IP Accelerator alternative, we can help you get the Serial Number you will need to submit to Amazon Brand Registry.

There are several benefits to working with an attorney not affiliated with IP Accelerator:

  • Transparent Costs: You may not get everything wrapped up and taken care of with an IP Accelerator firm. In fact, while they may charge flat fees, those flat fees may not cover all attorney time. For example, if you need to file a Statement of Use later, the IP Accelerator firm may charge you separately for it.
  • Control: You may have more control over the process and be able to work more closely with the attorney to ensure that your trademark application accurately reflects your brand and products.


Ultimately, the decision to work with an attorney outside of IP Accelerator will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It’s important to research your options and choose an attorney who is experienced in trademark law.


Why is Amazon Brand Registry Important?

With Amazon Brand Registry, you get access to a host of useful tools like

  • Analytics
  • Brand Dashboard
  • Brand Referral Bonus
  • Customer Reviews/Engagement
  • Experiments
  • Virtual Bundles


An IP Accelerator alternative can help you get access quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, Brand Registry for Amazon is important for several reasons:

  1. It Protects Your Brand: One of the primary benefits is that it helps you protect your brand unauthorized sellers. With Brand Registry, you have more control over your brand’s listings, and you can take action against infringing sellers.
  2. Improved Search and Browse Experience: When you enroll in Amazon Brand Registry, you gain access to enhanced branding tools. This includes videos, images, and other content to your product listings. This can help improve your product’s search visibility, and provide a more engaging shopping experience for potential customers.
  3. Access to Amazon’s Tools: As a brand owner in Amazon Brand Registry, you gain access to various Amazon tools. These tools can help you optimize your product listings, manage your inventory, and more.
  4. Product Listing Control: Brand Registry gives you more control over your product listings, allowing you to update product details and images more easily. This helps ensure that your listings are accurate and up-to-date, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and fewer returns.
  5. Brand Analytics: Amazon Brand Registry also provides access to brand analytics, which can help you understand how customers are engaging with your brand on Amazon. This can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and help you make informed decisions about your branding and marketing strategies.


Overall, Amazon Brand Registry is a powerful tool for brand owners. It can help you maintain control over your listings, improve your search visibility, and provide a better shopping experience for customers.

Conclusion: IP Accelerator Alternative

Syed Law’s starting prices for trademark registration services are less expensive than Amazon’s IP Accelerator. This Amazon-sponsored program is an expensive way to get on Amazon Brand Registry, and it is no longer necessary. As an IP Accelerator alternative, we can help you get Amazon Brand Registry in as little as 5-7 business days. In addition, we offer more comprehensive trademark solutions as a one-stop trademark shop.

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