Flat Fee Trademark Attorney

For entrepreneurs filing a trademark, a flat fee trademark attorney is the best option. In order to protect your intellectual property (“IP”), you must file a trademark at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”). A flat fee trademark attorney can assist you. In fact, the USPTO encourages entrepreneurs to hire a private trademark attorney.

Attorney Handles Entire Process

When I started Syed Law, there were generally three options:

  • Filing a trademark alone.
  • Using a cheap trademark filing company.
  • Hiring an expensive law firm that bills by the hour.

However, attempting to file a trademark alone almost always leads to issues. Here are some examples you can expect to encounter if you decide to file a trademark yourself:

  • “use in commerce”
  • “Acquired Distinctiveness”
  • “intent to use”
  • “specimens”
  • “Likelihood of Confusion”

If you do not know what this means, do not worry. Here, my purpose is to show that trademark filing is “the practice of law.” Of course, most entrepreneurs are not familiar with law practice, let alone trademark registration. They risk wasting precious time and money.

Feeling overwhelmed, some entrepreneurs turn to less expensive options, like trademark filing companies. However, filing companies are not good alternatives to flat fee trademark attorney services. Below, I explain why.

Flat Fee Trademark Attorney vs. Hiring a Cheap Filing Company

Hiring a trademark filing company might be even worse than attempting to file a trademark yourself. Here is why a flat fee trademark attorney is a better option than a trademark filing company:

  • These companies do not have the interests of their “clients” at heart.
  • They hire paralegals and non-lawyers to fill out applications.
  • In some circumstances, these companies are engaging in the unauthorized law practice from outside of the United States.

However, trademark filing companies do not need to answer to a higher authority. Without answering to a higher authority, can a company appropriately represent you? On the other hand, a flat fee trademark attorney must diligently and competently represent every trademark client.

Additionally, a troubling number of trademark filing companies are fraudulently filing trademarks on behalf of U.S. individuals. As a result, thousands of U.S. businesses have lost (or will lose) their trademark. These services are indistinguishable from well-known trademark filing companies, and appear prominently on Google searches.

Better Value Than Traditional Law Firms

As stated above, the USPTO encourages entrepreneurs to hire a private trademark attorney.

Traditional law firms offer expensive hourly rate. This leaves entrepreneurs with “sticker shock” from legal bills. In addition, while you can expect quality services from traditional law firms, you probably will have a hard time communicating with most attorneys.

I take a different approach. My firm distinguishes itself because I inform my clients about how to protect their IP and their legal options with a free consultation.

By providing flat fee trademark attorney services, I abide by three core firm values—assurance, quality, and value. Our flat fee trademark filing service is backed by years of legal experience. We commit to the highest quality legal services, and affordable fees.

In short, I encourage you to contact me regarding my flat fee trademark attorney services. Below, I discuss my Easy-3 Step Process.

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