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    Easy Guide — How to Use New TESS to do “Advanced Searches” in “Expert” Mode

    The New TESS Search website looks a bit different! On November 30, 2023, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) officially retires their clunky, 90s-era Trademark Electronic Search System (the “Old TESS”). They just rolled out a new TESS cloud-based system at noon. Same search results, just done differently. I call it “New TESS”…

    No Fair Use for Warhol Prince Photo

    Warhol’s use of Prince’s photo (taken by Lynn Goldsmith) was not entitled to fair use. In a David versus Goliath battle, the Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling against Andy Warhol’s Foundation last week. SCOTUS: No “Fair Use” Defense in Warhol Use of Prince Photograph SCOTUS found that Andy Warhol’s commercial use of Goldsmith’s photograph…

    How Much is the Cost to Trademark? (2023 Update)

    The cost to trademark in 2022 is $250 per International Class of goods and/or services. However, it may be $350 if a custom description is required. In addition, if you file an “Intent to Use” trademark, you will be required to pay $100 for a Statement of Use. This article discusses how the costs to…

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