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What is a “will”? A will is a legal instrument which bears a person’s legally enforceable wishes to dispose of property after he or she passes away. In Illinois, if a will is not drafted the state law governing intestate (i.e., dying without a will) shall divide a deceased person’s assets to his or her heirs. Because  the course of a person’s life it is common to occasionally either amend or re-write a will. I have helped clients review and update their wills. For clients who have are contemplating drafting a will, Syed Law can assist you in reviewing your assets to that you can rest easy knowing that your assets will go to your loved ones in the way you wish. 

helping you Draft the Will

Simple Wills

Drafting a Will in Illinois

Much like Alfred Nobel, a will as a way for you to leave behind a Nobel Prize for your legatees. A will provides security and certainty that the hard-earned assets you accumulated during life will be passed on long after you are gone, to your loved ones, a charity you are particularly fond of, or left to certain individuals you deem appropriate to list on your bequest. The law of wills are ancient and there is no easier way to run afoul of these laws than to attempt this process by yourself. Numerous issues can occur without the proper supervision of an experienced attorney. However, if done properly under an attorney’s guidance, your will can serve as document that stands the test of time. This may be the most important document which you write and much like Alfred Nobel’s famous will, it can also have tremendous impact long after you have departed.

The Popular "Pourover Will"

If, in addition to a will, you would like to draft a separate trust, we can set up a very specific type of will known as a “pourover will.” These wills “pourover” into a trust, and a high degree of expertise is required to properly execute this process. 

“Wills are uncanny and electric documents. They lie dormant for years and then spring to life when their author dies, as if death were rain. Their effect on those they enrich is never negligible, and sometimes unexpectedly charged. They thrust living and dead into a final fierce clasp of love or hatred. But they are not written in stone—for all their granite legal language—and they can be bent to subvert the wishes of the writer.”

Strangers in Paradise: How Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas got to Heaven, by Janet Malcolm, The New Yorker, Nov. 13, 2006, at 57.

plan of action

Your Assets Deserve Attention to Detail

The sum of your will represents, in part, much of the work you have done during your life, the inheritances you were given, and the property you own. You deserve a highly skilled attorney who can assist you in drafting a proper will that will stand the test of time. For that reason, you should take the time to revisit your assets and speak with a knowledgeable attorney who can help pass down your assets.


Discuss Your Goals

The intake begins with a discussion regarding your goals in estate planning.


Review Your Assets

A properly drafted requires a proper categorization of assets you presently own.


Drafting the Will

I draft a will which you review. If approved, two witnesses sign the will in your presence.

Guiding you through the process.

I listen intently to my clients’ concerns during the will-drafting process to ensure high-caliber legal services and a document which will endure the test of time.

We can help Guide you Through the Process

our professional services Include:

  • Asset review and protection
  • Review previous wills and will amendments (codicils)
  • Professional will drafting and signing

Issues that may arise with Wills