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Naperville, IL Businesses Use Syed Law for Trademark Attorney Services

Syed Law provides attorney trademark services to Naperville, IL companies. Since its inception, we successfully filed hundreds of trademarks for individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) at a reasonable, flat fee. We count among our clients’ solo entrepreneurs as well as small business owners.* We have three values that set us apart from other trademark services:

  • quality
  • assurance
  • value

Trademark filing companies provide low fees, but poor quality. On the other hand, traditional law firms provide good quality but charge high rates. In contrast, our services are in the “Goldilocks” zone with affordable flat fees, and high-quality trademark attorney services for Naperville, IL companies.

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Top 10 Trademark Questions Companies in Naperville, IL Ask

1. What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a word, logo, or slogan that serves as a source indicator for your goods and/or services and distinguishes your brand from others.

2. How Much Do You Charge?

Syed Law offers three flat fee trademark attorney packages for Naperville, IL entrepreneurs. Packages start with trademark attorney fees at $399, plus a separate $350 government filing fee.

While Syed Law’s fees are slightly more expensive than your average “trademark filing company,” our work product is superior. In addition, my fees are more competitive than traditional, bill-by-the-hour, trademark law firms.

This puts my Naperville, IL trademark attorney services in a “Goldilocks” zone. This is compatible with entrepreneurs on a budget. With Syed Law, you get professional attorney service, personalized attention, and value.

3. How Long is a Trademark Good For?

Trademark protection begins after registration and is retroactive to the application filing date. A trademark declaration is required between the 5th and 6th registration anniversary. A declaration plus renewal is required every 9th and 10th anniversary. A trademark is capable of perpetual existence so long as the owner shows continued use and files maintenance documents for renewal.

copyright protects an original work of authorship fixed to a tangible medium.

On the other hand, a patent protects useful, novel, and unique inventions.

In contrast to both, a trademark’s purpose is to serve as a source indicator to distinguish specific goods and/or services from those of others.

When it comes to protecting your name, Naperville, IL businesses should contact a trademark attorney to file trademark.

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5. If My Trademark Application Is Rejected, Does Your Trademark Attorney Service Offer Naperville Businesses a Refund?

No. Normally, the USPTO will not provide a refund. That means that even if your application receives a fatal, Final Office Action, you will not receive a refund. Trademark registration fees for attorney time are also not refundable.

6. Will the USPTO Alert Me If Someone Infringes My Trademark?

No. The USPTO will not alert you about trademark infringement nor will they enforce your trademark rights. That is because the USPTO is a neutral, governmental agency. On the other hand, most trademark attorneys, such as Syed Law, offer trademark monitoring services to help enforce your rights. In fact, monitoring services are recommended because trademark registration is not the same as trademark enforcement.

7. Can a Trademark Attorney Submit Specimens for Naperville Businesses?

Unlike domain names and LLC, trademarks require a “specimen” to show proof that you are using your trademark in commerce. In essence, a specimen is a declaration that the evidence provided truthfully shows the trademark is used to sell goods and/or services either across state lines or between the U.S. and another country. You may show proof of use in (1) the initial application, or (2) file first without showing proof and providing evidence in a few months. Accordingly, the USPTO requires proof to show good-faith evidence that the drafter is using the goods and/or services in commerce.

8. What is an Office Action?

An Office Action is a refusal from the USPTO requesting an amendment or response to your application.

9. What is the Difference Between a “Brand” vs. “Trademark”?

A “brand” refers to the public image associated with a company’s products or services. On the other hand, a “trademark” is a bit more specific than a “brand.” A trademark refers to a source indicator anchored to goods and/or services that distinguish your intellectual property from that of others. All trademarks are brands. But not all brands are trademarks.

10. What is an Arbitrary Trademark?

An arbitrary trademark is a word with a well-known meaning that has no relevance to goods and/or services sold under it. For instance, APPLE® for computers and BANANA REPUBLIC® for clothing are arbitrary trademarks. These are arbitrary because there is no relevance between the commonly understood definitions of the word(s), and what they are used to sell. Instead, the consumer must make the logical leap from the commonly understood meaning behind the word to goods and/or services completely unrelated to it. For that reason, an arbitrary trademark is one of the strongest trademark types.

Trademark Attorney Services for Naperville, IL Businesses

Additional Information About Trademark Registration for Naperville, IL Companies

As a successful trademark attorney, we know the challenges Naperville, IL companies face. In fact, whether you are several years into your business or planning on starting a business soon, now is the time to file for trademark registration. No doubt, the last thing you want is for someone to claim you are using their name.

Imagine this, Candice opens up a business in Downtown Naperville selling hard-to-find electronic parts. She calls it “ChargeRite.” She thinks briefly about trademark registration, but when things become busy, she decides to put it off. At first, her sales are modest, but as word spreads about her excellent reputation, the business gets orders from across the country.

A few months later, ChargeRite receives a cease-and-desist letter from a competitor. The letter is from a company in downstate IL selling circuit boards. The letter alleges that Candice engaged in willful trademark infringement, and demands damages as settlement instead of trademark litigation. Previously, Candice briefly searched for that name, but when the trademark search proved difficult to navigate, she decided it was fine.

Candice is in the unenviable position of either (1) ignoring the letter and potentially facing a lawsuit or (2) answering and capitulating in order to reduce potential damages. Now, Candice will need to spend precious time and money rebranding.

Unfortunately, while the scenario above is no doubt an illustration, it is one which I have witnessed countless times. Had Candice simply considered spending a little effort on protecting their intellectual property or calling a Naperville, IL trademark attorney, she should have avoided this situation.


In conclusion, no matter whether you are a business veteran or a new entrepreneur, do not delay filing for trademark registration. Syed Law offers reasonable, flat fee trademark packages for every budget.

* While Syed Law is not located within Naperville, IL city limits, it is still able to represent Naperville, IL businesses and individuals because trademarks are governed by federal law.

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