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In these uncertain times, small and medium-sized businesses and corporate entities are facing unprecedented challenges. Syed Law’s Business and Corporate Law Practice focuses on helping businesses meet their legal needs. We assist business with internal matters such as drafting asset purchase agreements, Articles of Incorporation (or Organization) and by-laws, business formation, and much more. In our role as general counsel, we provide guidance on matters such as business disputes, business entity selection and formation, partnership disputes, disputes regarding corporate ownership, inability to observe corporate formalities, and minority shareholder oppression.

Corporate Law Practice Areas

While this is not an exclusive list, below are some matters that Syed Law’s Business and Corporate Practice handles:

  • Asset Purchase Agreement
  • Articles of Incorporation / Organization and by-laws
  • Business Entity Formation
  • Business Entity Selection
  • Drafting Lease Agreements
  • Minority Shareholder Oppression
  • Registered Agent Agency
  • Partnership and Ownership Disputes

Helping You with your corporate law matters

Corporate Law

Why Do you Need a Corporate Lawyer for your Small business?

Syed Law does not apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach to our clients. We evaluate your business goals, review whether a particular course of action is appropriate for your specific industry/field, and normal custom and trade. Syed Law will make strategic recommendations, if retained as counsel. As a Chicagoland business and corporate lawyer, Syed Law can provide exceptional legal services which cater to your specific legal needs.

I can sit down with you and go through each provision, clause, and paragraph of your contract and explain what it means in plain English.

Guiding Small Businesses on corporate law matters.

Result-oriented. Client-centered. Responsive service.

These are the qualities which have earned Syed Law praise and repeat business.

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