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Federal law governs copyright, which is defined as an exclusive right given to the creator of a creative work to reproduce the work for a limited period. This permits the copyright holder to use, transfer, license, and sell his or her creative work for profit. In the United States, a copyright is subject to public policy limitations such as the “fair use doctrine” which may allow other individuals to use a copyrighted work without permission from the copyright holder. Should a party invoke the fair use doctrine, the courts will look to the following four factors to determine if the use is fair or infringing: (1) the purpose and character of the use; (2) the nature of the copyrighted work; (3) the amount and substantiality of the portion taken; and (4) the effect of the use upon the potential market. A skillful copyright attorney can help protect your copyrights or protect your interests if you are sued for copyright infringement.

What Types of Works Are Protected by Copyright?

  • Literary works such as books, newspaper articles, blog posts, and computer programs
  • Motion pictures and audiovisual works such as movies, short films, webcasts, slideshows, and video podcasts
  • Musical works such as song, lyrics, instrument composition, and computer generated media
  • Dramatic works such as plays, screenplays, and TV scripts
  • Choreographic works such as dances, ballets, and other choreographed works
  • Pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works such as paintings, drawings, photographs, 3D printed objects
  • Architectural works as as building blueprints
  • Sound recordings such as speeches, sound effects, and audio books

Helping You Register your works as Copyright


Should I Register my Works as Copyright?

Given the dramatic proliferation in digital “scrapping” technology to lift creative works embedded on the internet, copyright registration will preserve a holder’s interest in his or her work. By placing your work in the public domain and by giving the world notice of your ownership, your work’s value will increase. Copyright registration will allow the copyright holder to bring suit for copyright infringement. Additional benefits include obtaining actual damages and disgorgement of an infringer’s profits from your copyrighted work. If within 5 years of publication you register you copyright, the copyright registration is proof of your copyright’s “validity” against challenges.​

How Do I Register My Copyright

Copyright registration is simple and quick. Most copyrights may be registered online with the United States Copyright Office. However, should an error occur on a copyright application, the time for copyright registration could increase from several months to over a year. As such, it is better to obtain the services of a copyright attorney who can accomplish copyright registration quickly and efficiently. Syed Law can complete the copyright registration application for you at affordable.

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Someone Has Infringed My Trademark / I Have Been Sued for Trademark Infringement

If you are sued for copyright infringement or if someone has infringed your copyrighted work, then you must act quickly to preserve your interests. If someone has infringed upon your copyright or published work, Syed Law can engage in multi-phase process to protect the integrity of your copyrighted or published work. If on the other hand you are sued for copyright infringement, it is strongly advised that you seek the services of a copyright attorney. 

Having litigated several copyright matters, Syed Law does not apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach to our clients. For individuals, Syed Law carefully evaluates the merits of your unique circumstances. For businesses, we take a holistic approach which factors in your market sector and finances in reducing your overall legal costs. In both cases, Syed Law will make strategy recommendations, if retained as counsel. Once our clients indicate they wish to proceed with litigation, we pursue an aggressive, yet professional strategy to obtain the best results for your case.

Litigation can be a difficult process and few law firms offer clients the counseling they deserve.  At Syed Law, we made a conscious decision to place our client’s needs first in litigation. Let us guide you and simplify the process.


Review Copyright

First, I will review the nature of your work with you. This is normally done in a short consultation session.


Copyright Application

Next, I will file your copyright application. Act fast because full copyright registration takes several months.


Process Completion

After the U.S. Copyright Office finalizes for your copyright, I will forward the information to you for your safekeeping.

Guiding you through the Copyright Filing

I listen intently to your concerns during the contract review, drafting, and negotiation process to ensure high-caliber legal services preserve and protect your interests.

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