Condominium Association

Condominium association law involves four issues: (1) governance; (2) contract disputes; (3) private nuisances; and (4) real estate. Finally, a fifth issue exists as well, communication. I am a firm believer that some issues can be resolved by a proactive approach. This requires quick, responsive communication on the part of the attorney.

Common Condominium Association Issues

  • Amendments to the Declaration
  • Assessment collection for associations
  • Board of directors disputes
  • Condominium litigation/lawsuits
  • Eviction/foreclosure matters
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Property management company agreements or renewals

Significant issues can arise in situations where an association discovers defects. This is common in new construction. Additionally, it also is common where an association assumes control from a developer. Associations should know that construction defects and warranty claims are time-sensitive. Therefore, is crucial for association boards to reach out to legal counsel to quickly gauge the strength of their claims. Accordingly, it is not only idea, but necessary to have a skilled attorney who understands your association. A skilled lawyer can guide you through the Illinois Condominium Property Act. The first step involves resolving any disputes through negotiations which may end favorably. However, should negotiations ultimately fail, I will promptly file suit to protect the Association’s interests.

Additionally, having a trusted attorney on call can resolve other issues related to condominium management. Other common issues include dealing with property management companies. Sometimes financial irregularities can occur when data is transferred from one from one entity to another. Finally, governance issues related to the association board itself remain frequent issues in 2020 going into 2021. An trusted legal advisor can help you navigate these waters quickly and simplify matters.

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